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This ornament is a handcrafted work or art, No two ornaments are exactly alike. Cloisonne is an ancient, time consuming art which it was introducing to china by western travelers in the 14th century. the world cloisonne of french origin, means to compartmentalize or create different cells and applies to both the process ad the medium. To begin the process, highly trained artisans bend wire strips by hand to create the patterns within the design. Theses wires are then soldered onto a copper for n which has been carefully molded to create the desired shape of the ornament. Each cell is inlaid with enamels, then fired at very high temperatures repeatedly, then eventually cooled, Polished and 24K gold plates to create this work of art for you to enjoy for he family to enjoy for years to come!
The design comes Chinatown, Cable Car, Fisherman&##39;s Warf, San Francisco Skyline, Alcatraz, Painted Ladies.

**This Ornament come with it Exclusive Box.
* Almost 3" diameter.

Measure: 2.5 by 2.5 by 3"

Shipped From San Francisco . Located in San Francisco

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